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Jennifer Alumbaugh, MS, LMFT
Lead Therapist and Owner
14350 Northbrook Drive
Suite 240
San Antonio, Texas 78232


Counseling Services


EMDR Therapy

Trauma-informed individual counseling for adolescents and adults

Walk it Out – individual walking/talking sessions outdoors

Couples Counseling – all genders

Pre-Marital Counseling Package

**Appointments available in-office and via VSee video platform**


Dreamkeepers Coaching

One-on-one Coaching for individuals with big dreams and an uncertain path.  Access to private online group support with other Dreamkeepers.

Sessions available in-person or via confidential video meeting platform.


Healing Support Circle

June 2, 2018 – August 18, 2018
September 1, 2018 – Nov. 17, 2018
January 12, 2019 – March 30, 2019

  Contact Jennifer to register or get more info/ask questions.

Therapy support group for survivors of psychological, emotional, and spiritual/religious abuse.  Based on the book, “Healing from Hidden Abuse” by Shannon Thomas, LCSW


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What is EMDR?!?

EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing – Therapy is an evidence-based protocol for addressing a number of mental health issues, including: Complex Trauma & cPTSD Single-incident Trauma Grief &[…]

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March 9, 2018 0

Upcoming Healing Support Circle Sessions 2018

A Space to Thrive has scheduled the next three, 12-week Healing Support Circle (HSC) sessions.  Click here to register in FULL or to schedule a HSC INITIAL INTAKE only.  This[…]

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March 6, 2018 0

On Making Space

Letting go doesn’t leave me empty, it leaves me open. 19 years ago, I was living in a housing unit that burned down and I lost all my material possessions[…]

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January 15, 2018 0

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