As of Thursday May 26, 2022 Jennifer is stepping away from her role as therapist and into a more creative role as coach, consultant, and artist at Expansive Expressions!

After 15 years of working as a complex trauma psychotherapist, I have stepped away from my role of therapist and into a role of lived-experience, peer support Coach, Consultant, and Creative!  As I continue the work of dismantling white body supremacy, I continue to find challenges in maintaining the traditional norms of the field of psychotherapy in terms of operating under an ableist, medical model that is pathologizing of so many normal responses to systemic oppression and violence. 

Additionally, in the state of Texas, as conservative laws continue to attack human rights, I as a provider of gender-affirming care and resources for reproductive justice, would continue to be at risk of actions against my license that would prevent me from continuing serving my clients.  So, in order to continue living and working within my trans-affirming, repro-justice, human rights values, I am stepping away from my work as a licensed clinician, and stepping into my role as a lived-experience peer support Coach and Consultant.  I am happy to answer any questions you may have about this transition.

I have been working to deconstruct all the internalized everything that living in and growing up in the US affords: ableism, white supremacy, misogyny, capitalism, toxic religion. This journey has led me to grapple with various aspects of this field and profession about whether or not I can continue to uphold licensure as an abolitionist working toward liberation for all. Additionally, the time of the pandemic has created tectonic shifts in reality and has demanded new ways of being with others, holding space for growth, and examining what is actually possible in the realm of healing and wellness within a system designed for oppression and struggle.

I am a facilitator. Of space. Of conversation. Of exploration. Of expression.

I’d love for you to follow me over to Expansive Expressions to check out what I’m up to! I have one-on-one coaching sessions and packages available, lived experience consultation appointments, and a rich variety of online, Zoom, peer support circles. I’m excited about this next chapter in my work and hope you’ll join me as we all continue to grow, adapt, and become ourselves!