Tools: Self-Compassion Deck

I got this new deck of #SelfCompassion cards by Chris Willard, PsyD; Mitch Abblett, PhD; and Tim Desmond, LMFT that I’ve been using in my office. At the end of sessions, I fan out the cards and have a client pick one. I make a copy or they take a picture of that card and then that is their homework: to practice, to journal about, to process that self-compassionate action.

Today: Nourish your joy! Give yourself 3-5 moments of laughter, of sparkly-eyed wonder, of playful delight.

One of my favorite go-to resources for nourishing my joy is looking at photos or videos of people making art–in every form & medium. It reminds me of the powerful good that people are capable of. Personally and professionally, I am keenly aware of some people’s ability to destroy, to be cruel; giving myself time to create and seeing others create, restores some balance and nourishes my joy.

What nourishes your joy?