Soul Maintenance

Soul Maintenance is a phrase I like to use to describe the counseling process.  While there are times where our relationships break down and need serious repair, other times aspects of our lives may be running smoothly but would benefit from a tune up. 

Counseling does not always need to be reserved for the break-down moments.  Counseling can serve those who are looking to enrich their lives with a refreshed sense of purpose, direction, and strategy for thriving.  What is an area of life you’d like to move from maintaining into thriving?  Would you like to deepen a relationship with a family member or partner?  Would you like to explore your own professional purpose and vision?  Would you like to consider ways to better manage your time to pursue hobbies and interests that bring you joy?

As a therapist, I often act as a coach, guiding and cheering you along the process of starting new habits, enriching relationships, and moving toward new personal and professional goals.