Pre Marital & Couples Counseling

Counseling for couples and partners seeking to start strong, rekindle connection, move through restoration, or face the end of a relationship with dignity and compassion.  

Pre-marital counseling packages for new and early relationships looking to start strong and standard or intensive counseling for couples seeking to enrich their connection, couples healing from trauma or loss, and couples working through difficult conclusions.

At A Space to Thrive we offer a 10-session Pre-Marital Counseling/Starting Strong Counseling package designed for couples of all genders in their first 3-5 years of relationship (married, partnered, pre-marital).  Each package explores the following topics providing a foundation and framework for intentional connection, honest and accurate dialogue, and whole-hearted living.

Sessions include:

  1. Initial 90 minute intake and assessment session exploring families of origin and personal backgrounds; addressing any trauma histories
  2. Personalities – the hows and whys of who we are
  3. Communication styles – the good, the useful, and the ugly
  4. Conflict Resolution – fighting fair and protecting each other’s vulnerability
  5. Self-care
  6. Goals and Dreams – professional, personal, family
  7. Beliefs, spirituality, Roles, and Relationship culture – how what we believe informs how we interact
  8. Finances and Budgeting
  9. Sex, intimacy, and healing sexual wounds
  10. Sustaining a thriving relationship

This package is not meant to be an exhaustive exploration of a couple’s relationship and personal histories, but rather to create a model for authentic, honest, and brave communication with one another about the difficult and real stuff of life.  In my work I find many couples who have been together have often never had specific conversations about some of these topics and instead–like all of us can do–make assumptions about the other person understanding where we are coming from or why certain things matter so much to us.

Artwork by Jennifer Alumbaugh, LMFT

The work I do with couples who have been together longer and are sorting through what it is to do life with another person is not so different from the work I do with newer couples. It’s just that sometimes the longer we have history with someone, the more work it takes to shed assumptions, habits, and biases that get in the way of our connection and intimacy.