Collaborative Divorce

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Collaborative Divorce Texas is a pathway to divorce that utilizes a team of trained professionals–including attorneys, mental health professional, child specialist, and financial planner–who all work together to facilitate a client-centered and interest-based divorce for couples and families.

Each case is completely confidential and the entire Collaborative Divorce process takes place outside of the court.  Traditionally, when a couple divorces via litigation it is a judge or a jury who decides the fate of a couple, a family, and their assets.  In a Collaborative Divorce case, the clients drive the process guided and facilitated by neutral MHPs and neutral FPs who serve both clients to reach a mutually agreed-upon parenting plan and financial plan empowering clients to communicate openly, honestly, and productively without the harm that can arise out of a heated court battle.

As a Collaborative Divorce trained Mental Health Professional, my role is to meet with both clients together and individually to provide support and education around conflict resolution; productive communication; parenting coordination; and maximizing resources for individual therapy so that each person can move through the divorce process with the most tools in their basket.  As the neutral MHP I am responsible also for facilitating and running each join meeting (which includes each attorney; each couple; child specialist; and financial professional).  Because my role is neutral, I can set the expectations for how everyone moves through the process listening to one another; identifying needs and wants; and collaborating to arrive at the best outcome for everyone involved.  As a Collaborative Divorce MHP I do not provide psychotherapy to clients, yet Collaborative Divorce clients benefit from the years of training and experience I hold in trauma-informed, interpersonal relationship dynamics, and family systems.

If you are interested in learning more, or think that Collaborative Divorce might be the right path for you, I’d love to talk with you more!



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