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Jennifer Alumbaugh, MS, LMFT
pronouns: she/her/hers

14350 Northbrook Drive
Suite 240
San Antonio, Texas 78232


Counseling Services


Complex Trauma Specialist

Gender & LGBTQ+ Affirming & Culturally Engaged

Recovery from Religion

Healing from Psychological, emotional, and spiritual abuse

Trauma-informed individual counseling for adolescents and adults

Walk it Out – individual walking/talking sessions outdoors

Deepening Relationships Package for couples & partners of all genders

Creative Process Therapy

EMDR Therapy

Collaborative Divorce

**Appointments are available in-office and via virtual telehealth video platform (Texas residents only)**


Dreamkeepers Coaching

Coaching support for people with big dreams for their personal and/or professional lives. I work with clients to clearly define goal, establish necessary steps to realize goal, identify and remove barriers, implementing practices for sustainable thriving. Helping Dreamkeepers to become themselves fully, silence the impostor bully voices, and create their own abundant thriving!

Contact Jennifer today to schedule a FREE 25 min Coaching Consult to learn more and begin your journey!

Coaching Sessions available in-person and worldwide via confidential video meeting platform.


Healing Support Circle

12-week Sessions are held every Spring and Fall

Fall 2019
Saturdays 10:30am-12:20pm
Sept. 7th – Nov. 23rd

  Contact Jennifer to register or get more info/ask questions.

Healing Support Circle is for women, trans femme, and nonbinary femme folks who have or are experiencing psychological and/or religious abuse.

Creative process, guided discussion, and psychoeducation therapy group Based on the book, “Healing from Hidden Abuse” by Shannon Thomas, LCSW


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Healing Support Circle :: Fall 2019

Registration is now open with group beginning Saturday September 7, 2019 I’m excited to ANNOUNCE that registration is now open for the Fall 2019 session of Healing Support Circle for[…]

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The Personal, The Political, and The Therapy Couch

I often hear from clients as they sheepishly disclose some bit of political information or opinion that, “I know I’m not supposed to bring up politics in therapy but…” and[…]

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What is EMDR?!?

EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing – Therapy is an evidence-based protocol for addressing a number of mental health issues, including: Complex Trauma & cPTSD Single-incident Trauma Grief &[…]

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