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“I appreciated the resources and templates Jennifer provided.  The information I learned today I will bring back and share with my students’ teachers and other colleagues.  Only thing I’d change about this workshop is to make it longer, I would have loved a chance to actually try some of the creative activities provided/discussed!”

Erica T.
School Counselor

“Jennifer’s presentation was great!  The examples, documentary clip, and practical applications are so relevant to the youth I work with.  The youth in our probation department definitely need these creative outlets and this workshop gave me some ideas for how to do that.  I would love to bring Jennifer to present to our whole department and help us create a curriculum.”

Michelle H.
Training Specialist
Harris County Juvenile Probation Department

“How Arts Transforms Youth & Their Communities was a fresh and engaging workshop at this conference.  I received practical resources I can implement directly with my students.  Jennifer is very organized.  Great presentation!”

Jessica C.
School Social Work Intern

“Handouts and materials are helpful.  Jennifer’s presentation style is easy-going yet well organized.  Nice job!”

Jack F.
Special Education Teacher
Conroe ISD

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“A lot of youth I serve are creative and need an outlet to express themselves.  I came to Jennifer’s workshop to get ideas for how to incorporate arts into my work.  I enjoyed learning about all the ways arts can strengthen skills–from confidence to coping.  This workshop gave me practical tools to take back to my facility.”

Michelle A.
Education/Career Transitions Liaison
Texas Juvenile Justice Department

“The videos used in the presentation were helpful and engaging; would love to see more!  I appreciated being reminded to empower youth to never be afraid of their creative expression–now I know more about how to help channel that expression in positive ways!  I love the poem Jennifer performed at the beginning.  Very dynamic.  And the candy was a great treat too!”

Robert S.
Senior Juvenile Probation Officer ~ Clinical Services Unit
Bexar County

“I am interested in learning more about the value of using art to engage youth.  Jennifer’s workshop was very informative.  The resources she gave us provided simple ideas and activities to introduce art forms into learning environments.”

Bennette R.
Mental Health/Juvenile Probation Officer

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“I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Alumbaugh during the summer of 2014, during Baylor’s University for Young people gifted and talented summer Spoken Word/Poetry session. Well-known for her advocacy of the arts, specifically poetry and spoken word, Jennifer was incredibly helpful as I planned the curriculum of the course.

Most importantly, in speaking to my students, she offered tentative teenagers–new to writing and performing poetry–confidence in their own voices. She added legitimacy to my own teaching and encouraged the link between the classroom and community. She willingly highlighted youth community opportunities in which students could participate, supporting the mission of the Baylor GT summer program for community outreach. Her enthusiasm about her craft was palpable and contagious.

Partially as a result of our initial interactions, use of poetry and spoken word within the social studies has evolved as an academic research interest for me, and she continues to consult with me in these research endeavors. She is an invaluable community advocate and resource.”

Dr. Sunny Wells, Ph.D.
Social Studies Content Specialist
Curriculum and Instruction, College of Education
Baylor University

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