Boundaries Bootcamp

Boundaries Bootcamp is a 6-hour coaching package offered in 3, 2-hour sessions designed to boost an person’s ability to identify where they need boundary boosters in their life; practical tools to use at work, at home, and socially; and troubleshooting obstacles to sustaining healthy, resilient boundaries around time, talents, body, money, emotional energy, and more.

Session I (2 hours)

Boundary Basics

Session II (2 hours)

Breaking Free from “Shoulds”

Session III (2 hours)

Strategies for Sustainability

This package is offered as an individual coaching service and does not address clinical issues regarding boundaries, trauma, or family systems.  During the initial assessment, if I determine this program is not the best fit for you, she will discuss that at the beginning and work together with you to come up with a service plan that will meet your needs.

Boundaries Bootcamp is available per person for $700 full package registration or at $270 per 2-hour session pre-pay each session (for a total of $810 for the full package).


Contact Jennifer at 210-382-4155 or to book your Boundaries Bootcamp sessions today!