Walk it Out

I’m excited to announce the addition of outdoor Walk it Out therapy sessions for individuals.  We will utilize a beautiful 0.7mile, tree-lined, sidewalk path around my office to move our bodies and our thoughts.  When we feel stuck, movement–especially walking–can help us shift our perspective, move our cognitive clutter around, and mine fresh ideas for how to cope, how to solve problems, and how to complete projects that have overwhelmed us.

Sometimes the intimacy and closeness of sitting together face-to-face in a therapy office can create a barrier for individuals who experience anxiety, shame, difficulty connecting with others.  Walking allows for side-by-side conversation, open space, and the relief of movement.  If you’d like to read more, check out this article from the American Psychological Association.

Frequently Asked Questions about Walk it Out sessions

Is there any additional cost for Walk it Out therapy sessions?

No!  All therapy sessions including Walk it Out are based on the standard 50min session fee of $135.  The exception is if you have booked an intensive session for longer than 1 therapy hour.  Walk it Out sessions will begin in office, include 30-40 minutes walking outside, then return to office for 10 minutes of session wrap-up.

What if I’m not in great shape, can I still do Walk it Out therapy sessions?

Absolutely!  As your therapist I will follow your lead in pacing and intensity of our walking.  You will be the navigator of how far we go, and at what pace.

Do I need to bring or wear anything special to my Walk it Out session?

I recommend comfy pants/shorts and good walking shoes/sneakers.  Most of the sidewalk includes trees but some people may want to wear a hat or visor and/or sunglasses.  If your skin is sensitive to sun, please make sure to wear sunscreen.  I’ll have some cold water on hand for us.

How do I book a Walk it Out session?

Easy!  Just call A Space to Thrive at 210-382-4155 to schedule an appointment and specify that you’d like an outdoor Walk it Out session (so I can be sure to dress appropriately as well)!


Soul Maintenance

Soul Maintenance is a phrase I like to use to describe the counseling process.  While there are times where our relationships break down and need serious repair, other times aspects of our lives may be running smoothly but would benefit from a tune up. 

Counseling does not always need to be reserved for the break-down moments.  Counseling can serve those who are looking to enrich their lives with a refreshed sense of purpose, direction, and strategy for thriving.  What is an area of life you’d like to move from maintaining into thriving?  Would you like to deepen a relationship with a family member or partner?  Would you like to explore your own professional purpose and vision?  Would you like to consider ways to better manage your time to pursue hobbies and interests that bring you joy?

As a therapist, I often act as a coach, guiding and cheering you along the process of starting new habits, enriching relationships, and moving toward new personal and professional goals.